Asylum-seekers have often experienced fear, trauma and huge upheaval in the situations they are escaping from. On arrival in UK, they are unfortunately in danger of further upheaval as they attempt to adapt to life in an unknown city, country and culture. The services available to help them settle into their new environment have been severely cut. We have seen that new arrivals into our cities and towns can become isolated, having no idea about basic things like catching buses and connecting with the services or groups which can help them settle.

There are welcome projects in 8 cities across the Yorkshire & Humberside and North East regions. Each project works slightly differently but the basic principle is that a friendly, trained volunteer will meet the new person to show them around the city. Most importantly, they will connect them with specialist services, groups and places of worship; reducing isolation and aiding integration.

As a result, new asylum-seekers feel safer and happier. They are more confident, better informed, and empowered to help themselves and others.